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Waves Library offers you the best from Wavesdesign, That perfect balance between a minimalistic layout and creativity - between style and usability.
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Is there a better way to get stoked other than actually see what you can achieve with Waves library?
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Some questions, some answers

Have a look at our most frequently asked questions.
Can I used Waves Library for my client projects?
Of course! Waves Library is free to use both for personal and commercial projects. Freelancers and agencies can also use it for their paid client projects.

However, you mustn't distribute this library as well as the Figma File that comes with it as your own library or components. You also cannot use Waves Library to create another free and paid Webflow Library, Webflow Template and/or Webflow UI kit.
Do you guys offer more paid components?
As you read this we are working on the extended library of 500+ components that will be offered for a small monthly fee. Please check our website regularly to stay up-to-date.
Do you have Webflow Templates?
Yes! We have big portfolio of popular Webflow templates that are purchased by hundreds of happy customers monthly.

We believe selecting correct Wavesdesign Webflow Template that fits your needs and style, together with Waves Library gives you a lot of possibilities!
Why semi-styled?
We decided to create the library semi styled to give you the complete design freedom, while giving you some idea of how the end sections could look like.
Who is Wavesdesign?
Wavesdesign is an independent design and Webflow awarded agency focussed on world-class, honest and innovative design. You can check our website here!